Top Five Reasons Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Fail

For every success story we hear about smart entrepreneurs who have founded a lucrative lifestyle business, there are hundreds of untold stories about those who have failed. So what makes the difference between lifestyle businesses that thrive and those that crash and burn?

I don’t believe that it’s simply a matter of bad luck that many wannabe lifestyle entrepreneurs struggle to launch a successful venture on their first attempt. In fact, many people are making the same mistakes over and over again.

Each person and business is a unique case of course, but there are five common factors in particular that can contribute to the downfall of a small biz start-up. Continue reading Top Five Reasons Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Fail

Examples of Three Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneursSo you’ve heard the term ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ and you’re intrigued. It sounds great, right? Location independence, financial independence and the ability to create something that has impact on the world, whilst living on your own terms. Who wouldn’t want those things?

Dealing with doubts

However, maybe the doubt has begun to creep in. You mentioned it to a few of your friends, or maybe your partner or family, and they just stared at you like you were talking in the Klingon tongue. Or worse, maybe they told you that it was a pipe-dream or unrealistic goal. Continue reading Examples of Three Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Why Starting a Lifestyle Business is a No-Brainer

Why Starting a Lifestyle Business is a No-Brainer

You’ve heard the hype about starting a lifestyle business but you haven’t made the leap yet. Maybe you think it sounds too good to be true or that only a lucky few are born with some kind of mythical entrepreneurial genetic code.

Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have the requisite string of childhood successes on your resume, such as selling rare Star Wars figures at overinflated prices to your gulllible classmates or inventing a killer iPhone app that sold for half a billion dollars to Yahoo! before you were old enough to legally buy yourself a beer.

Okay, so perhaps starting a lifestyle business isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for everyone. The fact is that lifestyle entrepreneurism is a real opportunity that’s open to everyone who is willing to take it, and it’s not just for a special breed of superhumans with dollar signs for eyes.

Even if it’s just something you do on the side whilst working full-time, there are a multitude of reasons why starting a lifestyle business is a no-brainer for anyone who genuinely desires more freedom in their life. Continue reading Why Starting a Lifestyle Business is a No-Brainer

Why eBay is No Longer the Best Place for Ecommerce – Ecommerce Rules

Ebay Ecommerce

Remember when eBay first started gaining momentum in the mid 90’s, at the height of the dot-com boom, and people flocked by the hundreds to the site to place bids on obscure, niche, and sometimes downright weird items––like jesus-imprinted toast?

With its wild popularity, eBay quickly became the go-to source for online sellers looking to make profit without the overhead costs that come with a physical storefront. The site moved from selling rare or unusual items to everyday staples such as brand name clothing, sporting event tickets, and movie fan paraphernalia. With its original auction function, eBay meant scoring major discounts and deals for consumers, pulling in bargain hunters in droves.

But with rising fees, competition, and better options for ecommerce platforms, eBay, as it stands today, just isn’t the best option for online stores anymore. Here are 3 reasons why eBay is no longer the best solution for ecommerce and startup entrepreneurs. Continue reading Why eBay is No Longer the Best Place for Ecommerce – Ecommerce Rules

5 Reasons People Love Shopify – Ecommerce Rules

Why People Love Shopify

Shopify is a simple shopping cart solution for your ecommerce business: with Shopify, you face no concerns over hosting your shopping cart, maintaining servers, or presenting your brand and your inventory to potential customers. Moreover, Shopify has auxiliary apps available to you to assist in the entire ecommerce process from inventory management to shipping to customer contact management. In this post, we will explore five reasons why people love Shopify, and what you need to know about its advantages.

1. Shopify Is Easy to Use

The number one reason Shopify is great: Shopify takes care of the coding and web-hosting issues you face on your ecommerce site. This means you do not need technical expertise to launch an online store with Shopify–you just need inventory. Shopify exemplifies KISS–Keep It Simple Stupid–allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business, and not on the technical nuts and bolts of website and shopping cart management. Continue reading 5 Reasons People Love Shopify – Ecommerce Rules