5 online payment solutions not named PayPal

moneyWhen it comes to online payment solutions, PayPal is most definitely the daddy. Already practically ubiquitous online, it continues to grow rapidly. In the first quarter of 2013, PayPal’s revenue increased by 18 percent to $1.5 billion, with active registered accounts increasing by 16 percent at 128 million (TechCrunch).

One of the major reasons for PayPal’s growth is its ease of use. Anyone with a valid email address, credit or debit card can make payments and businesses don’t need to have a merchant account with a bank to use it. It is also highly secure, and having been acquired by ecommerce giants eBay in October 2002 didn’t hurt its rise to world domination either.

Just because something’s big and popular doesn’t mean it’s the best though. Justin Bieber is unquestionably hugely successful right now. However, unless you’re a hormonally challenged teenage girl it’s unlikely you consider him one of the all time greatest singers who have ever lived. And just like Bieber will no doubt one day be supplanted by another young pop star with a trendy hairdo and an (alleged) overinflated sense of self-worth, PayPal is now seeing an increasing number of young upstarts challenge them for the throne. Continue reading 5 online payment solutions not named PayPal

Why eBay is No Longer the Best Place for Ecommerce – Ecommerce Rules

Ebay Ecommerce

Remember when eBay first started gaining momentum in the mid 90’s, at the height of the dot-com boom, and people flocked by the hundreds to the site to place bids on obscure, niche, and sometimes downright weird items––like jesus-imprinted toast?

With its wild popularity, eBay quickly became the go-to source for online sellers looking to make profit without the overhead costs that come with a physical storefront. The site moved from selling rare or unusual items to everyday staples such as brand name clothing, sporting event tickets, and movie fan paraphernalia. With its original auction function, eBay meant scoring major discounts and deals for consumers, pulling in bargain hunters in droves.

But with rising fees, competition, and better options for ecommerce platforms, eBay, as it stands today, just isn’t the best option for online stores anymore. Here are 3 reasons why eBay is no longer the best solution for ecommerce and startup entrepreneurs. Continue reading Why eBay is No Longer the Best Place for Ecommerce – Ecommerce Rules