4 Tips to Landing the Best Wholesaler for Your Ecommerce Store

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As your dream for owning your very own ecommerce store comes to fruition and you’re doing the thorough research needed for a successful online business, you may begin to realize that wholesalers are your best bet for stocking inventory at the most cost-effective price and yielding the highest gross margin––but typing “wholesalers” into an internet search field produces an overwhelming number of results, and the entire ordeal can seem too complicated––especially for small businesses just starting out. Don’t let your profits suffer or deny your company a robust inventory because searching for a wholesaler feels inaccessible. We’ve got an all-inclusive guide with the steps you should take and the questions you need to ask during your search. Here are 4 tips on how to find the best wholesaler for your ecommerce.

1. Search Locally

In the internet day and age, most entrepreneurs take to the web instantly for anything and everything for their business, including finding wholesalers and distributors to stock their ecommerce inventory. And while the world wide web may be a wealth of knowledge for research and information, often times shopping locally for wholesalers is a strategy not many think to take. Buying from local wholesalers means significantly reducing shipping costs or eliminating them altogether if you can pick up the merchandise–-saving your company tons and increasing profits, not to mention the potential for easier access for restocking and shorter turnaround.

To locate wholesalers nearby, try browsing your hometown newspaper’s classified ads or the back listings in trade publications such as Internet Retailer. Trade shows are also an excellent opportunity to connect to sellers one-on-one, inquire about other distributors, and possibly survey products in-person. Of course, you can always conduct an online search, just specify your region when combing through the results, and don’t forget to use the web to find local trade magazines published in your area as well as those wholesalers nearby. Continue reading 4 Tips to Landing the Best Wholesaler for Your Ecommerce Store

Why Dropshipping is Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs


Career opportunities with great pay, benefits and perks are difficult to come by in the corporate world. That’s why we love  lifestyle business models and, more specifically, the world of ecommerce. The barrier for entry into the online marketplace has never been so little – and it is diminishing right before our eyes. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon for an “e-tailor” (one who runs an ecommerce site) to sell a wide variety of products without a single piece of inventory. Nothing in stock. Zero inventory, yet positive cash-flow from the very first sale. Continue reading Why Dropshipping is Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs