Drop-Shipping Interview: Anthony Saladino from Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Anthony from Kitchen Cabinet Kings

I had the opportunity to sit down with Anthony Saladino from Kitchen Cabinet Kings and speak to him about his million dollar drop-shipping business.  In this interview, Anthony talks about why he chose the kitchen cabinets vertical, how he built his site, how he found his drop-shipping partners, and how he drives traffic to his website.

I love this interview because Anthony went from a 9-5 job to now running his own business.  The best part is that because he has chosen to drop-ship, he keeps his costs and overhead very low, doesn’t need to hold inventory, and stays true to the lean-startup philosophy.

Anthony didn’t necessarily do anything special, he didn’t jump into a market opportunity at just the right time, and he’s not a genius engineer; instead, Anthony succeeded because of his hard work ethic, perseverance, and discipline to stick to what he knows and what he’s good at — something that you and I can really relate to.

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Below is a summary of what you will learn in the interview:

Why did you choose the Kitchen Cabinets vertical?

Anthony was introduced to the industry right after college.  His mom referred him to a company that was hiring for a kitchen design and sales position.  He decided to try it out and it turned into a full-time position where he stayed for six years.

Anthony has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and noticed that the majority of the clientele at the brick-and-mortar store came from a 30-mile radius.  He felt that if he could sell the product to people all over the US, then he could greatly expand the revenue stream.

He checked online and found that the majority of the kitchen cabinet websites online were horrible.  He decided to partner with his brother — who was a developer — and build an ecommerce store.

When did you start the company and what milestones have you hit?

Anthony started started the company in January of 2010.

During the first year in business, Kitchen Cabinet Kings grossed about $450,000.  In 2011, he was chosen for the Impact 100 Award and was invited to the White House for his success in entrepreneurship.

Now in 2013, he has grown his business by 100%.

How did you get your suppliers and distributors?

Anthony worked in the industry for six years, so he met many manufacturers and distributors in the US.  He approached several manufacturers that his brick-and-mortar store ordered from already and pitched them the online store idea.

Though they were apprehensive at first, he won the manufacturers over by showing them a completed site and pitching them the big vision of drop-shipping kitchen cabinets across the US, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

How did you initially drive traffic to your website?

The very first thing Anthony did was to write a lot of good content for the site.  A big part of SEO is having great content so that Google knows what your website is about.  Because this was back in 2010 (when SEO was a bit different), Anthony and his brother began to build a lot of back-links to the content that they created — purchasing links was a big part of the initial strategy.

SEO is a longterm play.  For short-term, immediate traffic, Anthony invested in Google Adwords for paid traffic.

Does social media play a role in your sales and traffic?

Anthony is doing a terrific job on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In addition, he also spends time on niche social sites such as Houzz.  His Pinterest page is very active and he gets a couple hundred in traffic per day from Pinterest alone.

Do you feel that what you did with Kitchen Cabinet Kings can work in any industry?

Absolutely, but the key is to have an expertise in your industry.  Anthony had been in the kitchen cabinets industry for 6 years before he decided to build the site.  He knows kitchen cabinets inside and out, and new the difference between cheap and quality.  He partnered with manufacturers that he believes in and fully stands behind his product.

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