Top 15 Shopify Themes for Fashion Ecommerce Stores

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Many burgeoning fashion designers and ecommerce entrants narrow their focus on their clothes, products, and styling, and often forget about the framework that will display their hard work––the ecommerce website theme and layout that, if done well, will ultimately serve as the final push, encouraging buyers to commit and make purchases. A beautifully laid out website sets the ambiance of an online store and just like shoppers choose to shop at a brick-and-mortar store because they like the organization, visual display, and aesthetic of physical shelving and merchandising, so too will online consumers notice the layout of your ecommerce store. This is why doing your research and picking the best theme for your website is key to the success of your online store––it is arguably as important as the very clothes you’re selling (because who wants to shop at a messy, disorganized, and visually displeasing store!).

Shopify is an ecommerce’s golden ticket to great layouts with little headache. The company was launched in 2006 by programmers who were looking to layout their online snowboarding shop but couldn’t find a simple, quick template-based application. They ultimately created a solution that gives ecommerce stores the basic framework to display their merchandise, and all the store has to do is provide the photos and content.

Shopify is one of the best at providing ecommerce companies template solutions with very little backend problems. Novices to the web need not worry about complex programming gone wrong with user-friendly Shopify themes, and the themes are breadcrumb-ready. If you’ll remember from a previous Ecommerce Rules post, breadcrumb navigation is one of the quickest and easiest SEO boosters for an ecommerce (check out the post to learn all of the tips). There are thousands of Shopify themes to choose from, but we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled the top 15 shopify themes for fashion stores.


WooThemes’s Air layout is as easy, breezey as the name suggests. Its casual aesthetic lends itself to a Friday t-shirt kind of shop, and the soft-muted tones and airy, open layout will make scrolling through your online store the perfect lazy Sunday shopping venture.

Callisto Light

You have to hand it to Shopify theme designers as they’ve got quite a nack for accurately naming their layouts. This open design really makes your merchandise pop as the tightly cropped, but neatly contained photos sit on top of a lightly colored and slightly patterned background for elegance with a touch of simplicity.


For the bold and colorful-hearted that have never left the house without a statement-scarf or sweater, the Carleton Shopify theme is fun and patterned, but not in an obnoxiously bright way that makes you want to avert your eyes. This layout screams indie-mart, so if you’ve got mustached accessories and hand-sewn cardigan you’re looking to sell, this is the perfect design for you (mainstream mavens, you can rock it too!)


Shopify’s Coquette theme is for the obsessive compulsive fashionista ecommerce ruler whose shoes are lined up in a neat and tidy row in an even neater and tidier closet. The organized, light-colored layout gives a grid-like aesthetic with every photo and its text crisply contained. Just like your closet, everything has its rightful spot and box.


The Dooley theme is the cool, laid-back surfer brother of all other Shopify themes. It’s got a vintage air that is only further complimented by its easy-going, simple color scheme and picture-heavy aesthetic. If your ecommerce company is all about having a breezy good time and looking good while doing it, Dooley is for you.

Fancy Pink

Fancy Pink is for the fashionistas with a lot to say. This layout focuses on content with complimentary images to seal the deal of selling your merchandise. When it’s all in the minute and unseen details, go with Fancy Pink to be able to explain in depth all the wonderful tidbits of your clothes.

Flex Gene

Flex Gene is a playful, almost comic-like layout that appeals to a wide audience depending on its execution. With a more colorful and imaginative approach, Flex Gene could be used to sell children’s clothes in a refined manner (no polka dots or doodles here!) that still leaves room for a youthful air or with more reserved but still playful merchandise displayed, Flex Gene could be the fun style that every adult (and their inner child) is looking for.


Stylists, take note. The Jitsensha layout is so sleek, even the most adorned of shoppers can appreciate its minimalist approach. This design would be ideal for high-fashion wear or the most tailored looks to pair with a gorgeous, seemingly effortless website.


Themeforest’s Mercury is a basic clothing display design (t-shirts would do well with this) with a modern upgrade. While its aesthetic is minimal on a black background, drops of color such as the blue logo box add a contemporary and young dimension.

Minimal Fashion

Don’t let the name fool you, the Minimal Fashion layout screams elegance and high-fashion. There’s nothing minimal about the staging capabilities such a bare but alluring design such as this one offers. Minimal Fashion is perfect for the designer and ecommerce owner who wants their products to sell and speak for themselves.


OutFitter is a traditional-style shop-of-all-shops. Its wooden panel background only adds to its traditional aesthetic, and its basic layout is easily understood and used by even the least experience online shopper. This is a simple starter design for a more classic store that doesn’t need all the frills taking away from its product.

Phantom Shop

Phantom Shop is for the fun-loving ecommerce that wants to stick out. There’s no conforming here. The layout is slightly skewed at an angle for a more dynamic feel, and the dotted font, bright purple accent, and star icons add a unique spin to the Shopify template.


With a darker color scheme and edgier tone, Threadify is the antithesis of the familiar brightly colored sweet and flowery feel of many generic online stores. if your product line is a little rock and roll and calls for a rebellious edge, then consider this layout. Plus, the best part about Shopify’s Threadify theme is that it’s listed as free! What can beat that?

Vanity Shop

Vanity Shop is for the charismatic ecommerce seeking Hollywood glam. The slightly skewed, anti-center grid layout offers a different shopping perspective while still keeping organization in tack. The grounded larger sleek background image adds an air of elegance and cool factor to the unusual but alluring design.


Vexillum is gender-ambigious minimalist sleek. Nary a text in its dark layout, Vexillum’s draw is the photos that pop against the seamless black background and as such, your products get center stage and are on full display. Choose Vexillum when you have a lot to say but want to express it in a hard hitting, no-extra-fluff kind of way. Are you here to sell clothes or what?

While there is much to consider when settling on a Shopify theme for your fashion ecommerce venture, consider who your target audience is and break down the demographic of your consumer. Be sure and read other Ecommerce Rules posts to ensure you’ve got all the right components for a successful online store such as Producing Professional Product Videos for Small Budget Ecommerce and Ecommerce 101: How to Create Captivating Product Descriptions.

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