Producing Professional Product Videos for Small Budget Ecommerce

Producing Professional Product Videos for Small Budget Ecommerce

If you’ll remember from our past Ecommerce Rules posts: How to Shoot the Best Product Photos and 3 Tips to Optimizing Product Pages, we hone in on the absolute need for high-quality images on product pages and the SEO boost and increased conversions that product videos bring to your online store.

Product videos serve as an additional layer of information for consumers. Since browsers of your store are unable to physically hold or inspect your products with online shopping, providing a high-quality, thorough, and thoughtful video will offer them an adequate substitute. If done well, your shoppers won’t feel that they’ve missed out on any part of shopping even though they’re committing to purchase an item theoretically sight unseen. Continue reading Producing Professional Product Videos for Small Budget Ecommerce

SEO Basics for Ecommerce Stores

SEO Basics for Ecommerce Stores

Setting up an ecommerce store requires multiple skills. Whether it’s good business acumen, in-depth knowledge of your product/market niche, or an understanding of web design, you will need to understand the bigger picture if you want to get your business off the ground.

Whilst some of those skills can be outsourced, it’s safe to say that marketing your online store is one of the most essential skills any ecommerce entrepreneur needs to have. And like it or not, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to promoting your store online.

Even if the very sight of that three-letter acronym usually makes you want to bury your head in the sand, or if you’re considering hiring an external SEO agency, it’s important to have an understanding of the basics.

After all, you don’t want to be blinded by buzzwords or have to pay out a lot of cash for something that isn’t getting results. Continue reading SEO Basics for Ecommerce Stores

3 Common A/B Testing Mistakes Made by Ecommerce Stores

3 Common A/B Testing Mistakes Made by Ecommerce Stores

I listened to a pretty amazing podcast this past weekend – Episode 071 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, by one of our absolute favorites in the industry – Mr. Pat Flynn.

His guest for this episode?

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur who has been on the forefront of cool and trendy internet-based businesses since 2005. His prestigious resume includes working directly for Mark Zuckerberg as employee number 30 at Facebook, then becoming employee No. 4 at Mint, and now he finds himself a founder of SumoApps – a brand that is absolutely killing it as the “Groupon for App Retailers”. I speak of none other than Noah Kagan, a true ecommerce and Lifestyle Business Thought Leader (LBTL).

While Noah’s illustrious career has brought great success, and millions of dollars along the way, there have been great mistakes and great losses realized as well. The failures in his career taught him some valuable lessons. Continue reading 3 Common A/B Testing Mistakes Made by Ecommerce Stores

5 Reasons Why No One Is Shopping On Your Ecommerce Store

Why no one is shopping on your ecommerce store

Sometimes running an online store can feel like trying to solve a murder mystery. Except it’s less a case of ‘whodunnit?’ and more a case of ‘why didn’t they buy it?’

If you’re not getting the amount of sales you expected or hoped for, there’s probably several good reasons, and if you’re going to see any success you need to know what those reasons are. After all, if people aren’t buying your products, you don’t have a viable business.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to solve this particular problem. Here are five elementary areas that you can investigate. Spend some time studying each of them thoroughly with fresh eyes, as if you’re viewing them through a magnifying glass. You’re bound to discover a few tell-tale clues as to why potential customers drop out before they shop.

1. Lack of Traffic

Even Inspector Clouseau, the inept detective from the Pink Panther movies could work this one out. If no one is coming to your site, then you’re not going to get any sales. What can be harder to fathom though, is why they’re not coming.

SEO is certainly important, because if you’re not showing in the first handful of results for any given search term, then you’ll never be found via Google and their competitors. A solid social media strategy is also key, not to mention a well thought through PR campaign. Attention grabbing press releases, special events and offline marketing in your local area can make all the difference when it comes to raising awareness and credibility. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why No One Is Shopping On Your Ecommerce Store