How to Increase Sales On Your Ecommerce Site Using Pinterest

Learn how to increase sales for your e-commerce site using Pinterest. You own or operate an e-commerce store, and you’re using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but you’re now looking for a new customer base. Have you considered Pinterest? If not, I highly recommend that you do. Pinterest is a great tool for driving web traffic to an e-commerce site as help increase sales for your e-commerce site.

Demographics and Behaviors of Pinterest Users

In order increase sales for your e-commerce site you need to be able to understand the demographics and behaviors of users on Pinterest. According to PEW research, their report stated that Pinterest attracts “Women, adults under 50, whites, those with some college education.”

According to the same report, 1 in 4 women that used the Internet, also used Pinterest, compared to only 1 in 20 men. Continue reading How to Increase Sales On Your Ecommerce Site Using Pinterest

How Etsy is Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

Art Fair Sausolito 1968

Have you heard about this site, called “Etsy”, and wondered what the heck an “Etsy” was? Also, why is this becoming a word known by most of your friends and family on Facebook? It’s no accident or mistake. Nope. The truth is that the word “Etsy” is not a word at all! It was made up! A designer word. Designed to be memorable – ala Google. And, the truth about this word – err, this business –  is that it is an efficiently pleasurable way to share your creations and vintage items with the world, and make some money while you’re at it! You’re probably wondering, however, “Hmmm, how does this Etsy work? And, how can I monetize my hobbies, be it through Etsy, or otherwise?” Continue reading How Etsy is Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

3 Strategies To Get People Pinning Your Products

3 Strategies to get People Pinning Your Products

When Pinterest first launched, everyone was confused. Was this new platform going to be more of a personal social media venture or an online outlet for retailers and businesses? As the image-driven platform began to pick up steam and popularity over the last three years, it’s become clear that Pinterest can be used as both––though how and whether companies are utilizing Pinterest to its fullest ability and using it well, is a whole other question.

What is not in question, however, is Pinterest’s value to ecommerce businesses. Nothing is as shareable as photos and images, and shareability is the driving success factor in social media, marketing, and getting your products out there to as many people as possible. Thus, pinning your product photos via Pinterest and encouraging others to repin them will increase your store’s conversions. Afterall, Pinterest essentially functions as a visual shopping or wish list for online buyers. Continue reading 3 Strategies To Get People Pinning Your Products

Drive Millions of Visitors to Your Ecommerce Site Using Pinterest

Learn to Drive Millions of Visitors to Your E-commerce site with Pinterest, and increase your sales dramatically.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s a social media network that acts like a visual scrapbook. Users of the social network can add visual content such as images, photos, or videos, known as pins onto the network. These pins, if public, can then be shared onto a user’s Pinterest board.

What makes Pinterest a big deal in the world of e-commerce is its ability to attract women and users high levels of income. According to advertising agency Modea, 28.1% of users had a household income of $100,000 or more and 68.2% of users being women. Some reports have stated that women constitute as much as 80%.

According to an article by Venture Beat,  people that were referred to Sephora’s website via Pinterest spent 15 times more than their Facebook users did. Continue reading Drive Millions of Visitors to Your Ecommerce Site Using Pinterest

Killer Social Media Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store

Killer social media strategies for ecommerce

It’s an inescapable fact that if you have an online store you need to be killing it on social media. Over 50% of Facebook and Twitter users in the US say they are more likely to buy or recommend from a brand that they already follow on one or both of the big social sites, according to a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

And with Facebook accounting for one out of every five pageviews on the Internet (Experian) you will be left out in the cold like a long-haired labrador at a pet allergy sufferer’s convention if you aren’t popping up regularly in your customer’s newsfeeds.

Now I know that within your own circles, you’re the social media king. You once got 64 likes and 30 retweets for that photo of your cat you Instagrammed. I get it.

But creating great results via social media on a consistent basis, and converting kudos to cold hard cash, is another matter entirely.  In this must-read article for every ecommerce store owner, I’m going to share my best social media strategies for doing just that. Continue reading Killer Social Media Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store