3 Tips to Optimize Product Pages

Product Page Optimization

The goal of any online store is to make profit. If you’ve already set up your ecommerce website or even if you’re doing the invaluable research necessary before any virtual building begins, surely a certain 90s pop-culture reference, in the form of a Jerry Maguire quote, has popped into your head: Show me the money!

And while everything that has been covered here on Ecommerce Rules––from finding the perfect store platform to drop-shipping advice––is vital to a successful online store, when it comes down to it, no money will be made if your product pages aren’t top notch and enticing to consumers.

Product pages are where customers go to not only find your product but all the answers to their questions––it’s the final stop before check out and point of entry for purchases. Product pages should reassure buyers through the wealth of knowledge and information displayed––if done correctly, they strengthen the potential for conversion (when a customer goes from browsing to buying) whereas when product pages are done poorly, they serve as a deterrent for any business transaction to occur. Continue reading 3 Tips to Optimize Product Pages