3 Simple Strategies to Increase Customer Retention

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As you build up your ecommerce business, there is one very important element that is often overlooked, even by the most savvy of business folks. Many ecommerce operators don’t consider that it is proven to be more cost effective to woo existing customers, encouraging repeat business, than it is to market to, attract, and convert brand new visitors of your online store. Take a second to think about it: your existing customers have already expressed interest in your products and have successfully navigated your website and shopping cart before––an advantage and ideal set up to remarket to this group. Increasing customer retention is a strategy that should be built into your ecommerce systems and maximized fully to ensure the success of your online store. Continue reading 3 Simple Strategies to Increase Customer Retention

How to Create Great Content for Your Ecommerce Site

How to Create Great Content for Your Ecommerce Site

The primary purpose of an Ecommerce business is to sell products, so why would you waste time creating content for your online store?

I’ll tell you. If done well, content could be the key thing which differentiates your store from all the others out there and turns casual visitors into eager buyers.

A big part of your store’s success is dependent on targeted traffic. One way to attract that traffic is PPC (pay per click advertising), but content can be just as effective. More importantly it can keep people coming back to your site even if they’re not ready to buy quite yet.

It’s all About the Experience

Think for a moment about how most people shop in the offline world. People are attracted to stores with the best shopping experience, such as the Apple Store with its open and inviting layout. The first time a customer enters a store they may choose only to browse the products in that store, and make a buying decision later on. Continue reading How to Create Great Content for Your Ecommerce Site

Killer Social Media Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store

Killer social media strategies for ecommerce

It’s an inescapable fact that if you have an online store you need to be killing it on social media. Over 50% of Facebook and Twitter users in the US say they are more likely to buy or recommend from a brand that they already follow on one or both of the big social sites, according to a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

And with Facebook accounting for one out of every five pageviews on the Internet (Experian) you will be left out in the cold like a long-haired labrador at a pet allergy sufferer’s convention if you aren’t popping up regularly in your customer’s newsfeeds.

Now I know that within your own circles, you’re the social media king. You once got 64 likes and 30 retweets for that photo of your cat you Instagrammed. I get it.

But creating great results via social media on a consistent basis, and converting kudos to cold hard cash, is another matter entirely.  In this must-read article for every ecommerce store owner, I’m going to share my best social media strategies for doing just that. Continue reading Killer Social Media Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store

3 Steps to Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience for Your Ecommerce Store

ultimate customer experience

Let’s cut to the chase here. The American Economy has been through quite a bit since 2006.

The “Great Recession.”

The “Jobless Recovery.”

Has the stock market been doing pretty well since 2009? Yes. Could there possibly be a bubble there? You bet. There is no arguing the fact that the world economy and American economy have failed to thrive as of late, yet here is a fact that would make you think otherwise. In 2013, American retailers are projected to gross a staggering $220-Billion! Through negative, stagnant, and frustratingly-slow economic growth, ecommerce has grown like a weed in the economical flowerbed! Let’s see if we can figure out how this came to be, what we might learn from that analysis, and then give you 3 actionable steps you can take today!

Continue reading 3 Steps to Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience for Your Ecommerce Store