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Do you dream of running your business from anywhere in the world? Sure, we’ll show you how to grow an ecommerce store, but more importantly, understand how to start removing yourself from the process so you can run the business with only a few hours of work per month. 


But… How Does Drop-Shipping Work?

With drop-shipping, you don’t need to stack piles of merchandise in your room and run to the post office every time someone makes an order. (Believe me, I’ve done it before.) Instead, drop-shipping allows you to use a manufacturer to hold onto your inventory and ship them out when they’re ordered. In return for handling all of the logistics, you’ll give them a small share of the profits.


So… What Are The Keys To An Awesome Drop-Ship Arrangement?

The first thing you have to do is find your niche — the thing you’re going to sell. There are so many options and, as a result, there are so many drop-shippers to choose from.

After you nail your idea, you have to take the time to do research on all your potential drop-shippers. Discuss terms. Ask for references. Visit their facilities. Sign up for our FREE Insider’s Kit and you’ll get a sneak peak into our hand-picked database of over 2,000 drop-shippers to help you find the perfect one for your business.

Okay, you found your drop-shipper… now what?

Negotiate the best deal. Discuss how much of your profits you’ll give to them, how much inventory is available to you, how they’ll deliver the products when ordered, what prices you pay on the products, etc.

Make yourself (and your drop-shipper) happy by getting a lot of orders and growing your business.

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Bonus: 3 Interviews With Elite Drop-Ship Entrepreneurs

Learn the secrets from ultra successful ecommerce business owners:


Brian Lim
Founder of EmazingLights and iHeartRaves

Brian Lim is the CEO of EmazingLights and iHeartRaves, collectively “the world’s largest rave retailer.” Since selling gloving essentials (LED glove lights) from the trunk of his car at In-n-Out Burger, the savvy entrepreneur has leveraged his business into a $5+ million/year enterprise.


    Anthony Saladino
    Founder of Kitchen Cabinet Kings

    Anthony Saladino is the CEO & Co-Founder of the one of the web’s largest kitchen and bathroom cabinet distributors. In 2011, He was named by CNNMoney as one of the 10 Generation Next Entrepreneurs to watch. Also in 2011, Anthony was named to the Empact100 list, an honor given to the top 100 companies run by entrepreneurs 30 years and younger.


      Greg Laptevsky
      Founder of Coin Supply Planet

      Greg Laptevsky is the Founder of Coin Supply Planet, a drop-shipping business focused on the coin-collecting vertical that has generated several hundred of thousands of dollars in revenue. In addition, the business takes about 10-15 hours a week to operate, positioning him nicely for long-term, lifestyle design success.



        Why We Built Ecommerce Rules

        There are many would-be entrepreneurs that want to build a lifestyle business, but unfortunately don’t know where to start.  There are tons of startup blogs out there that give tips about how to get started and why they should break away from the 9-5, but unfortunately people are at a loss when it comes to concrete next steps to follow.

        So you want to build an Ecommerce store?  How do you find a manufacturer or distributor?

        This is where we come in.  Our goal is to pass on the knowledge, tips, and expertise that we’ve learned through our experience in ecommerce and in creating lifestyle businesses; and to take it a step further, we’ve created a Guide + Distributor List that tells you exactly how we built our company and how you can build your company right now as well.

        We look forward to helping you build a sustainable, profitable lifestyle business through an ecommerce store.

        Our Team


        Jun Loayza
        Founder of Ecommerce Rules

        In just six months, Jun grew his first ecommerce store to $10,000 revenue. As an experienced and successful entrepreneur, he’s sold 2 internet companies, raised over $1-million in Angel funding, and led social technology campaigns for leading US brands such as Levi’s, Activision, LG, Whole Foods Market, and Sephora.


          Anthony Yeung

          Founder of GroomBuilder, a successful online fitness program, Anthony is a consultant for a top-selling men’s performance brand as well as a journalist for AskMen and Men’s Fitness. He also runs an ecommerce store that specializes in graphic T-shirts for athletes, made with love and the help of the Drop Ship Domination System.

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